Mills & Boon. An icon. But has it moved with the times? Let’s see…

Why do I automatically assume a Mills & Boon’s title will be predicable? Surely Gerald Mills and Charles Boon when they started this phenomenon in 1908 wouldn’t want people to categorise their works in this way?

I’ll tell you why. I haven’t read one for twenty years. Is that any way to gauge an opinion? No.

I am absolutely delighted to have been sent a copy of the above by Kate Hardy, whom I’ve had the honour to meet more than once because she is also a member of the RNA. (And for the record, she has written over 80 titles for this incredible literary establishment so I reckon she knows what she’s talking about).

While the M&B household name may not attract new readers due to preconceived ideas, I fear they could be missing out.

When Harlequinn bought the company in 1971 I suspect they knew it would continue to be a huge success. With ebooks selling almost double the number of paperbacks for M&B these days, they have a ready made audience of ebook readers to create new categories for.

In recent years I’m aware they have branched into several:





and the traditional lines are all still going strong;




… and too many to mention here.

All I’m saying is don’t knock it til you’ve tried it 🌸