I’m pretty seething right now .. and can’t sleep

I read this idly this morning at one point during my usual in and outs to the kitchen… didn’t think any more of it. Just one of those articles which won’t really affect me.

Until one phone call from twenty year old daughter at 10:30pm who wanted to update me on her evening’s events.

On a train in East Anglian travelling from Liverpool Street out onto a station not on the mainline. A journey she’s done many times before to her boyfriend’s. He was waiting for her as normal.

Two stops away, she’s reading her book having come straight from work, wearing black thick tights (she only wears the expensive ones from M&S) and a neat skirt which sits just above the knee when seated.

A middle aged lady gets up to get off and beckons daughter over and informs her that the mature gentleman she’s been sat next to has been taking some ‘inappropriate’ photos of her and she’d like her to take her business card as she’s going to report him to the police.

Daughter’s head now in spin, turns to look at man who meets her eyes, gets up and moves to different carriage.

Lady gets off but they’ve kept in touch and she’s checked daughter is ok, which she wasn’t. Luckily BF there to scoop up one now scared and worried daughter and the following two hours is spent on phone to police who ring her back to confirm Transport Police have looked at CCTV and have identified the carriage and can clearly see his iPad at a relevant angle.

What the fuck they are then planning to do about it I don’t know…..

Should the helpful lady have spoken up in the carriage the minute she noticed the photos (she’d been sat next to him whereas daughter was diagonally opposite in an aisle seat). My mind is racing that they were both in on it…. can’t be… she would not have called the police, would she.

I can’t sleep now. Daughter is fine although she says she feels violated. She’s to give one more official statement tomorrow …. but really – what can they do? She was not harmed or attacked in any way… though this lady was presumably attempting to ‘do the right thing’ ?

I mean yeah … she’s young and pretty and she’ll be letched over, daily. But usually it’s silently and she’ll never know it’s happening (but we all know it is) yet this guy had the gall to do what the new bill is hoping to what? STOP? You’re having a laugh … I’d like to see you/government put this one into practice. She needs, as we all do, to remain vigilant, be aware of iPhones and iPads positioned at suspicious angles and maybe even have the confident to ask “excuse me, are you taking photos?” and say it really loudly with lots of witnesses.

There are some serious creeps out there. I might Twitter about this …. I’m really angry 😡