The Camden Moth; part 7

Bryan had been instructed to see where in England Oxalis was prevalent. Keely took herself home and after parking her car, decided to walk awhile to get some air.

‘Hello Kayleigh! Look at Miss Marple…’ Janet was gripping the hand of her sister, her main carer. Keely never corrected her mistake, the community were delighted Janet was out and about following a severe head injury two years earlier and a prolonged period of never setting foot outside.

‘She looks really well Janet!’ Bobbing down to pet the invisible dog, Keely grinned up at the sisters, Janet squatting beside her, their hands stroking the same air. ‘She’s been catching butterflies!’

The three talked a while longer until Keely’s phone sang out, indicating a call from Bryan.

‘Gotta go girls – see you around….. Go on?’ she walked away from the sisters and turned to walk up past the allotments.

‘It grows everywhere, its nothing remarkable after all.  Often on rough unkempt ground. Hardly narrows it down does it?’ Bryan sighed.

A boy was stood further up the hill on the path and appeared to be shouting at a small dog through the fencing, invisible from her position at the bottom of the hill.

‘Ok, thanks Bryan. We’ll go see Wilkinson tomorrow. Get some rest.’

‘You ok?’ Bryan asked instead of ringing off.

‘I’m fine. See you tomorrow.’  she touched the red circle.

As she got closer she saw it was Isaac calling for that little rascal of theirs, ‘Mac’.

‘Where’s he gone this time Isaac?’ She drew level and turned to look and saw the little dog’s attempts to dig against the side of an old shed. ‘Probably an old fox earth or a badger set. Let’s go in. It’s ok, you’re with me, services to the community!’ Keely pulled the lose chain link apart and Isaac stepped through. She followed.   Mac barked at them as they approached, his haunches tense and muzzle snorting out soil before going in for another frantic dig. Isaac moved to grab his collar but the dog paused in his actions and growled.

‘He does that when he’s feeding sometimes, but he’s a good dog.’  Isaac worried that the policewoman Keely would think he was one of those dangerous dogs and report him.

‘It’s ok Isaac.  I think I can see why he’s so intent on digging.’

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