Had an urge to eat chocolate bourbons but had none, so made some shortbread instead πŸ˜ƒ

With a little from my friend … who knew about grating butter into the dry ingredients rather than spending hours and hours ‘rubbing’ chunks through – Nigella is genius … and beautiful 🌹

I had treated myself to a cup of tea, milky, as you know but needed something with it. Don’t ask Michael, he’s on a health kick!

I checked the cupboards and guess what? I had everything (and bonus – the baking soda was still in date!).

Cream and egg? I’m sure my previous efforts at biscuits did not include cream, but wowee. You can feel the difference once you start moulding the dough. Dough? Would you call it dough?

Thick enough but not too thick.

These grew a bit, as in rose. So now I think I could have rolled them thinner… but I’m not really complaining πŸ˜ƒ

Kettle on again…