Summer mornings…

…. on the farm.

Did you know that isolation is a major factor which contributes to the very sad fact that suicide is prevalent amongst farmers.

The space surrounding you, which living on a farm provides, can also be the lonely thing that tips the balance.

For me, not coming from farming stock, I was always mixing with people and loved having friends. I still do (otherwise I wouldn’t use my time chatting to you, would I?!).

For Man of the Woods, he had boarding school and agricultural college and three sisters at home to irritate. So we are more fortunate than some. The space here is not a negative to us. My job is so busy, I yearn for such moments as in the video above! He loves nothing more than walking his dog around the fields, checking the crops and gateways for fly tipping 🙈 (yes, that happens too. I wonder what those fly tippers would think if we dumped rubbish in their gardens..)

As we gear up for harvest, I know his support of me and my writing shall take a slightly different style as we swap and I support him with meals to the combine and so forth (you’ve got all that fun to come if you hang around!).

For a taster, here’s a real cute video which our son posted two summers ago, when he was 16 and utilised his Go-Pro to great effect 💪🏼

I hope this link works and you enjoy it as much as I did (I shed a proud tear every time I watch it). Farming really is a Team way of life.