The Camden Moth; Part 8 – final part – fiction serial

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Keely instinctively pulled Isaac towards her by the shoulder as the grey ankle became ever more visible with the dog’s clawing, scratch marks creating only blackened stripes.

‘Euw, yuck. Is that human?’ Isaac’s hand flew to his mouth and he turned away.

She found her phone and within minutes sirens could be heard.

‘Isaac, you stay with PC Deaney here, your dad’s on his way.’ he accepted the offer of a seat in the back of a patrol car.

‘Sit in here darling, it’s warm. Look you’re shivering. Mac can get in too while we wait for your dad.’ Isaac gripped the dog on his lap, silence had washed over him.

Bryan hurried up the hill towards her. She smiled at his thoughtfulness as he handed her a coffee.

‘Guessed we’d be here some time!’ his eyes were a hazel colour she’d not noticed before and his scruffy appearance felt somewhat homely under the circumstances.


‘There’s something else. I checked the council’s records for ownership of these plot ten years back. Turns out Wilkinson’s father had one.’

They waited while the area was taped and a gazebo erected, lights set up. In the dusk they moved slowly around the sections of gardening prowess; some plots spotless in their display, others more natural but abundant with vegetables. Some had been left untended for so long, they had returned to a small wilderness for wildlife, and weeds.

‘Look, there’s that bloody Oxalis – would you believe it!’ Bryan touched the yellow flowers and out flew three, if not more, moths. They fluttered gently away from them into the cooling evening air, towards the warmth of the halogen bulbs now running by generator.


‘Moths.’ Keely corrected. ‘That drink we never got?’

Bryan stopped and turned to face his partner of two years. He waited.

‘I’d like a drink tonight if you’ve nothing more exciting planned?’

‘Well, I’ll have to cancel the bridge club ladies and set the telly to record Love Island, but I think I can fit in a drink with the cleverest Latin speaking detective Camden has to offer.’