US publication day & over excited characters…

Can’t explain how excited I am for Louise … I’ve actually met her … she is REAL ☺️💃🏼 and gorgeous and so so talented. My favourite author of 2017 as I read all three of her titles in a month 💪🏼
Any day now I shall be getting my mitts on her fourth book; I’ve been eagerly anticipating the paperback version of THE DATE 🌹

fabricating fiction

It was well over a year ago now that my fabulous agent called to tell me that Grand Central Publishing in the US were to publish my backlist and my forthcoming books, starting with The Sister.

‘Goodness. Grace and Charlie will be SO excited!’ I said.

There was a short pause before he continued running through the details. He, along with everyone else who knows me, have long since stopped pointing out that the characters in my debut novel aren’t real. Even though I’ve written three books since I penned The Sister, Grace and Charlie are still fully formed and ever present in my mind.

Proofreading the US version was like I’d never been away from the characters and even with the US spellings, and the tweaks to fit the market, it was so familiar to me. It doesn’t seem five minutes since I started writing the story, utilising…

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