The words are flowing… so exciting when my characters go off on their own in my writing!

I have a few journal pages full of scratchy mid-third scenes for my novel.

I started writing chapter fourteen this morning; I’m 1,224 words in and paused only to move the car to a new 2-hr slot .. you get to know the residential roads in the London suburbs quite quickly if you’re a regular visitor and two hours here is only Β£2.20! However if you go over, make that a Β£40 fine πŸ™ˆ

Bought a takeaway cappuccino and now back on it… this scene has strayed from my pencil notes, but Martha started talking to the passenger next to her you see … they had this whole conversation, her and this petit and bright elderly lady with the perfect white bob and neat make-up.

She enquired if Martha was okay… because she spotted that maybe she wasn’t… and they chatted. Martha speaks to people now where she used to hide all her emotions and you know what? By the time she got off that plane, the little old lady’s words were ringing in her ears and she was inspired to continue her day on a positive note πŸ’«

And look what arrived in the post yesterday 😱😱

OMG … I know it’s only my own design for some cards by MOO but it makes it slightly less like a big joke and more like a possibility, right?

(Can I just say, lean forward so I can whisper to you alone, I am soooooo relieved you are holding my hand on this journey xxx)