An ice cream in Regents Park – a poem

The taste and the texture can vary as such.

I could have had two – I loved it so much!

Sherlock Holmes museum,

a giggle of a tourist day.

Magnifying glass, Baskerville hound and pipe.

A museum interior which resembles my mother’s home,

Dealer of antiques; Victorian era her favourite!

Arthur Conan Doyle was undoubtedly an incredible author,

To create a character as longlasting as Holmes!

Many titles I’ve not heard of or read,

Now I’m writing, I’d like to visit inside his head.

The only souvenir this time was a pipe,

Fancy dress he’ll use it for the hype.

Everybody has heard of The Hound,

Based upon Dartmoor… great story!

1881, allegedly the date Holmes and Watson met,

Go see the museum, a slice of English etiquette