Fuck off Facebook … just for a week. I need to write a book!

I didn’t mean it! Come back! It can’t be over, surely?

Oh fiddlesticks – this relationship with social media is worse to maintain than a marriage.

I woke this morning following a few hours of undisturbed me-ness (it exists in my dictionary) and ready to face the day’s challenges; namely another batch of clients rugs, a bomb site house, and Martha and her journey still needing to have the pause button released from the scene I wrote in London last Thursday when she returns to England and catches up with her father – who appears to be developing a friendship with cake-making Cheryl – nudge nudge wink wink.

But what do I do when I come down? Pick up phone and update myself with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WordPress.

I’ve been up an hour and been sat on my arse for that hour. The only things working hard are my thumbs. I’ve got to take a plunge – I can feel it brewing.

Placing the apps all in their own ‘folder’ was one idea I had, hoping the recognisable squares were so small I wouldn’t be able to see them. It didn’t work – I knew the buggers were there!

Even The Telegraph today is talking about FB having been designed to be addictive…. great πŸ™„ no wonder none of my tricks are working; thanks guys.

Man of the Woods suggested ‘Just don’t look at them until you’re ready?’ when I last bemoaned my time management. It does not appear to work like that. The nearest compromise I did make was turning the enticing red dots off which tells you how many new notifications you have on each one. (I didn’t need to explain this really because you’re as addicted to them as I, yes?!).

This worked quite well. For about 37 minutes.

I was able to saunter past the mini computer dumped on the desk while I went about my business, but then a niggle started in the pit of my stomach – what if I’m missing something quite important – and I touched the apps, and sure enough had missed LOADS of …. stuff I can actually survive without for a few hours πŸ™ˆ.

So now I’m breathing deeply as I prepare myself for an experiment.

DELETING THE APPS FOR A WEEK FROM MY PHONE 😱😱😱(can we try a day first maybe?)

WordPress is the one platform I shall keep because I need a place to come sit and waffle, so you ain’t lost me yet!

But my aim these next few days is to not only write to 20,000 words but to have edited those and polished them as best I can so I can send them to the New Writer’s Scheme readers at the RNA. This story deserves a chance, and it won’t grow if I don’t nurture it.🌸