Harvesting future largers 🍻 and self-publishing children’s books 📚

Winter Barley .. first field to be cut … first meal delivery to Man of the Woods and Mini MoW 😂

Sometimes they need more than just sandwiches (which, believe me, they will get when I’m busy) so today they each had a portion of a homemade chicken pie with mash topping instead of pastry 👌🏼

Don’t ask how many words I’ve typed while I’ve managed to maintain my FB-free and Insta-free world, because I have typed some – on someone else’s book!!! 🙈

A beautifully illustrated children’s pony book which I promised a dear friend I would type up (which I did back in the winter). However this talented 86 year old has very firm ideas about how she wants the pages displayed and so I am now playing with the text so it fits around and between her stunning illustrations… take a look at a couple of randomly picked pages👌🏼

How seriously cute????

Sort of Enid Blyton meets Rohl Dahl…. with a message about serious pony care. This is the story of Teazel, the Shetland pony, who eats too many apples and gets colic.

The vet, Mr Betternow ☺️, is called and saves him but a fabulous educational story for children and parents of children who might start playing with ponies.

This is her Book 1 of 9 – for the nine native breeds of England! I really hope to help her self publish these … I’ve picked up a tip or two over the last few months which I am very happy to share with her 🤗

Have a great day all!