Around 3000 words in a little over 24 hours!

Just a quick update to prove I’ve not emigrated.

Still here and loving this spot under the cherry tree, hoping the kids’ very old treehouse doesn’t fall down on me, the laptop or the glass garden table, which I managed to move here earlier from a sun-drenched patio on which was too hot to sit (and the parasol has seen better days).

Love the feeling of grass between toes. The birds are tweeting and twittering (and I’m not and haven’t been since I deleted the app!).

Did pop back onto Insta and FB briefly yesterday (4 days wasn’t bad for starters?). Will watch an author Live chat tonight on my online FB group, then probably delete it again for the week.

That was my total word count yesterday morning ….

This is wordcount now. It’s 4pm. I’m not finished yet

Enjoy the rest of your weekend 💫