Amazing what treasures you find when you go searching … such as a Lancaster Bomber

I’ve only three days before my journey to Leeds for a weekend surrounded by RNA members and NWS participants.  I really should be concentrating on my ‘pitch’ as I have three one-to-one meetings during the course of the weekend, all of whom will by now have read that first chapter (oh my word; now I’m starting to feel sick).

First, just had to share this ..

The last time I went rooting around in the barn I came across a letter to my much younger self .. do you recall that post?

Well today I went searching for a photo of my dad in his RAF uniform to show you guys but didn’t find one. However I did rediscover the gem above.

My other grandad, my mother’s father, was a watercolourist and particularly specialised in aircraft.

He painted this Lancaster long, long before I was aware I would enjoy powerful machinery. When he passed away, I was left this painting and I’m glad I’ve found it today (of all days!) because I shall bring it inside and find a frame for it.  How apt is that?

What treasures have you found from your past? 🌸