Per Ardua ad Astra ⭐️

So many of us will have today seen snippets, part formations, different batches of aircraft joining the ‘queue’ from different stations around England. Those who were not close enough will see the highlights on the news and it will be forever displayed on YouTube … but how lucky am I to have stood between the potatoes and wheat while many of them flew almost over the top of me?? (I’m still calming my nerves now and I apologise for the swearing in my video if it loads, because the sound and rumble was just to die for 💪🏼🥂).

Everyone will see the clever 100 formation that twenty two Typhoons created over Buckingham Palace, but this is the loose formation as they flew over me, approx 9.5 minutes earlier… (warning – turn your sound down!!! 😂🙈)

SO exciting ….

He had his binoculars, bless. Things are a changing since he joined in 1967.

I’m sure it is …. defense from attack is taking a different form nowadays.

Does just make you proud to be British 🇬🇧


Right. How the hell do you expect me to calm enough to work on rugs now??


PS .. mother didn’t come with him … hmmmm … interesting in itself!