10:03 to Leeds … on my way to Romance ❤️

Oh Lordy… some bloggers would save all their information regarding this weekend and create an organised, mature, edited and polished post from a post-event point of view.

But that’s just not me!

I need to share the fun bits, the nervous bits, the embarrassing bits with you as I speed towards my first RNA conference aboard one of Richard’s trains which I have to admit are way above those of East Anglia in the way of comfort.

A sneaky breakfast date with daughter for forty minutes at King’s Cross listening to her tired anxieties about having too much work for the hours available (Email the team and tell it like it is darling; they love and respect your work ethos so you can explain you need to think about time management to regain that feeling of treading water rather than drowning. Do it. By lunchtime. You’ll feel better).

This train will be full of writers and authors and plenty of aspiring authors all excitedly waiting to pick the brains of agents and publishers at their one to ones (my first is with Jo Bell at 2:50 today, from Bell, Lomax and Moreton agents). It is going to be such as honour to meet industry profressionals, to hear what they are looking for in the way of fiction this year, to hear what they thought of my synopsis and chapter 1 🙈 (*can I go home now please? Stop the train*).

Take copious amounts of wine, the message came across loud and clear. Fiddle. I don’t drink wine. Ha! Vodka nestles amongst my clothes for tipples later🥂

I am beyond excited to be spending time with my friend Julie from A Little Book Problem and for us both to be mingling with many like-minded New Writers Scheme members and making new friends 🖌