The travelling bear that was 🐻

Skiathos, 2017. A tapas bar on the harbour, under some fir trees.

L’herbe had joined me, as he always did. My travelling bear. The cutest bear, a mini Steiiff almost in design though I’m not sure he was one.

He came to Paris once and watched me sip gin and nibble a salad in a restaurant in the shadows of Le L’ouvre. Night time lighting from the pyramid cast yellow shapes on the puddles in the quadrangle after a shower.

He accompanied me to The Bahamas last July to watch my son throw his javelin.. he doubled as a mascot!

There is a bar in Skiathos called ‘The Blind Dog‘ which is truly brilliant. An English guy meets a Greek girl and together they make beautiful music, him on his accoustic guitar and her singing covering all the classics an far more besides … it is a place to behold and worth visiting the island for!

This was the last place I remember seeing L’herbe. He’d sneaked out of my bag to dance to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

I miss my little friend, but you know when you love something deeply, you have to let it go? He’s on his adventures somewhere, with someone and I do hope he is happy because he brought me many happy moments.

I’ve allowed myself this post today because I’ve completed my goal of editing of the first 19 chapters and am now ready to send the whole lot off to the two destinations I keep mentioning 👌🏼

(I had 21 chapters but may have been a little tipsy when writing one day as two were repeats of others – most strange – and how embarrassing would that have been to not have spotted this error?!)

Once it has gone, I shall take an official week off writing the WIP, and do housework (have you SEEN this place 😱🙈) alongside my day job. We will wait for the feedback and act upon it as I know the NWS readers will know what they are talking about 💫