How many criminals start life this way… 😔


You’re under arrest
Hands be-hind your back
Handcuffed and charged
For stealing some snacks.

A tray of eclairs
You grab one on a dare
Three witnesses saw you
Confirmed you were there.

You leave the scene
You make your escape
What a crazy idea
Such a careless mistake.

A squad car alerted
With sirens and lights
Stopped on the street
Told, “Get off of that bike!”

Knocked to the ground
You’re tased and you’re beaten
You get knocked around
They don’t need a reason.

Chocolate and cream
The bake goods you liked
Under Interrogation
Now under bright lights.

You make a confession
They impound your bike.
You have no recourse
You value your life.

Five years spent in prison
No way to explain
A lapse in good judgement
A small link in the chain.


Image from Google Images: Education Under Arrest Tavis Smiley…PBS

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