Audrey, ABBA, Tea and Potatoes. #Emotional #inspiration πŸ’«

A quick 24-hrs in the big smoke, a combine-dust-free day. A change of scene they say is as good as a rest, and I truly believe that to be the case.

I could wonder around London’s streets, paved with concrete, much more often than I do and before my daughter reaches that I’ve done London now, and I want to get off the treadmill stage, I’ll go up as often as can without outstaying my welcome (don’t worry; I have my eye on that aspect. Nothing worse than a over -bearing parent!).

The street artists who work in chalk, for the entertainment of us mere pedestrians in exchange for a pound or two, are so damn talented! I love Audrey. I love her look and her demeanour in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Stunning and a too-early death at the age of 63.

A window display at Fortnum & Mason, at 181 Piccadilly makes for walking past an impossibility! Each window is a sight to behold.

As we idled our way towards Piccadilly Circus and the ultimate destination of Cineworld in Leicester Square for a girly viewing of the new Mamma Mia, luckily we had some time on our hands to pause whenever shop windows invited us to take a closer look.

Another beautiful shop is the TWG breakfast tea shop; oh my word! It was enough to make me want to whiz home and ditch the Yorkshire Tea box, scoop the dull boxes from the shelf and re-decorate the whole kitchen based on some of their box designs.

We oooh’d and aahh’d and then moved on out of the tea shop, for which you’d need a Barclays loan to buy a year’s supply of anything!

My daughter and I saw the stage show of Mumma Mia about 6 years ago, then subsequently the first film with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan. I know many said he couldn’t sing. He sang well enough for the part imho, and does so again in this new film.

I’m reading a book right now about getting emotional punch into my fiction writing (hence you’ve noticed my few recent romantic offerings πŸ’« I’m practicing on you guys) and this film has all the emotional punch I could take. Seriously, I used the hem of my dress to wipe away tears because I had taken no tissues, the backs of my hands had black mascara streaks on them as we travelled back to daughter’s apartment and I’m sure fellow passengers turned away in sympathy at the sad woman with the swollen, bloodshot eyes who must have suffered some severe trauma to look like that πŸ™ˆ

It was .. IS .. brilliant. Heartache, anguish, internal and external conflicts up the ying yang. The perfect example, and timely, of a romantic story delivering emotional punch.

(Oh, and a few ABBA songs thrown in! 😍 including at least three numbers specially written by Bjorn and Benny for this film πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ)

I’m shattered. But I’m home. The combine is cutting and Man of the Woods wants me to dig up potatoes from the field for tea. Would you like to come with me while I do that?

Oooh look, here comes the boy with a load of oats to unload. Close your eyes or his dust will blow into them! (I know. Rubbish tool. I’m no gardner).

… and from that seed-potato, all these others grew…

I think boiled gently and smothered in melting butter, don’t you?

Now, THAT’S fresh πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

They are simmering, I’m going to have a nice cup of tea πŸ€—