Losing Your Marbles

I love this simple visual method of keeping track of … absolutely anything you are trying to achieve 👌🏼
I may borrow the idea and have a jar of marbles for each chapter I plan to write and move one to the ‘written’ jar each time I finish one 🥂
Thank you Laurie 🌸

Tuesdays with Laurie

I have an out-of-state friend who sent me an email telling me she’s losing her marbles! She attached the following photo and explained that she’s working hard to lose excess weight by observing portion control, eating nutritionally dense food, and burning more calories than she consumes through consistent exercise.

After calculating the number of pounds she wants to lose, she put that number of marbles in a Mason jar and labeled it POUNDS TO GO—the ones that have to leave her body; the pounds she’s evicting.

She has another Mason jar labeled POUNDS LOST. 

Every time she loses a pound, she takes a marble from the POUNDS TO GO jar and puts it in the POUNDS LOST jar. For her, it serves as fun motivation and a visual way to track her weight loss.

I told her I think she’s brilliant! She said she’d love to take credit…

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