A greater effort needed by me to be sugar-free … with some help, ironically, from an author friend 🥂

I don’t drink wine, but I’m still going to by the book!
My favourite author from 2017, Louise Jensen – who wrote The Sister, The Gift and The Surrogate – also likes to maintain a mostly sugar-free diet.
Now how relevant is that to me right now?!
With mother’s diabetes slightly more under control with her four insulin injections per day, and her life saved by the NHS 23 nights ago, I think it’s time I started to really learn how to cook sugar free 🌸
Thank you for sharing this book with us Louise 💫

fabricating fiction

A couple of weeks ago I met an old friend in our usual coffee shop and was very much looking forward to our obligatory huge slabs of cake.

‘I’m sugar free now,’ she said.

‘Why?’ I tried to ignore the stabbing pain of betrayal as I gazed longingly at the desserts behind the counter.

‘You know why.’ She gave me the look. Pretty much the same one our tutor gave us when we first met on a nutritional therapy course fifteen years ago.

Sugar is bad. We all know that and yet we continue to eat it.

‘But sugar tastes so good!’ I said.

‘I’ve just read Sweet Poison by David Gillespie and it explains everything so well.  All that stuff we were taught but we choose to ignore nowadays. Buy the book.’ She said

‘I don’t want to.’

‘Honestly, Louise. You have so much pain and inflammation it could…

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