The New Writing Machine…

I read this with a) recognition and b) trepidation. Not because I was worried what this blogger was about to reveal but because I fear I may have to tread in her footsteps very soon!
I bought my laptop second hand from eBay; I took a train ride to pick it up and saw it plugged in and shining brightly in the vendor’s home 👌🏼
It has never kept charge for very long, my MacBook of four or five years old and I know people often scathe Apple products for being set to die after a certain lifespan!
(I really must learn how to use Dropbox which I dutifully downloaded recently!)

…so I honestly have been putting off getting a new laptop, for several reasons.

My laptop of almost 7 years was my best friend. It helped me create 3 blogs, edit thousands of photos, and never shut down because it was tired.

It did NOT have Windows 10, which I loathe, and everything was right at my fingertips.

But it did indeed get tired. And would not turn on if it wasn’t plugged in; and would never charge.

So for the past two hours, I have been “setting up” my new laptop. I have logged in codes and passwords 37 times (I wish I was lying, but I’m not), and am still fighting to get Office downloaded so I can get my books saved on here.

I had to force it to download Chrome so I can function like I am used to, and does anyone really use Bing?


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