Where there was romance in the fields, there is now toast, alone, in the kitchen

That’s just cruel.

You spend an hour typing a blog post, taking and uploading videos, editing and chatting.  Then two people see it before it disappears from the site.  For no apparent reason??



Maybe it was the videos the system didn’t like … maybe it was a ‘higher being’ … but I did not save the text which made up the post anywhere else before I pressed publish.   For a while I could see it in ‘Preview’ but no way of copy and pasting it from there.   So, I am now treating myself to some amazing eggy-bread as I call it, which I copied from this amazing blogger The Thankful Heart to cheer myself up.

Her photos look a hundred times better than mine, but it tasted divine and my cup of tea with it has helped.

Just going to lick my wounds for seven minutes … and then I’ll get back on with some work.