Anxious Mind? Try List Making (by Johnzelle)

I absolutely LOVE a list.
To be able to tick small achievements off, or cross words off on my whiteboard is metaphorical for ‘that’s you off my mind’ !!
I enjoyed reading this post by Alysjournals 🌸

Alys Journals

I’m very happy to welcome Johnzelle back to my blog for a second guest post, this one all about a subject very close to my heart – list making. I make lists religiously, for anything and everything. If you’re like me, or even if you’re at the opposite end of the spectrum and don’t really understand why anyone would make lists, then this post is for you…

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Let’s take a minute to imagine the inner workings of the anxious mind: fears, an overactive fight-or-flight response, racing thoughts, and much more. As someone living with an anxiety disorder, these are all thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that I experience on an almost daily basis. List making is a skill that I’ve used in my own life to help manage the racing thoughts.

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