The Parrot Flew West Parts 1 & 2

Clever Denny here from Theceaselessreaderwrites has already accepted the challenge .. and taken part 1 of the fun fiction post I published earlier today! He has created a warm and engaging sequel with a lovely twist 🤗

Let’s see how the other challengees interpret part 1 (did I just make up another word?)

The Ceaseless Reader Writes

My friend Viola Bleu at Ideas Become Words started a story, “The Parrot Flew West”, and challenged me and several other Bloggers to take it and run with it.  I did.  I am including Viola’s part 1 here for convenience’s sake, but please mosey over and take a look at her lovely, inspiring, creative blog after you finish here.  Thank you, Viola, I hope you like it!


(Uncredited image taken from Viola’s blog)

Part 1 by Viola Bleu

We were driving the route through the Keys when he first mentioned it.

Thinking back now, I recall the sun had almost gone, sinking into a tomato-red horizon, and a faint silver line separated it from the ocean.

‘I don’t think I can go on.’

I spun my sunburnt neck to face him as we crossed the final expanse of water, Key West stretching out in front of us after the…

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