I’m still lying .. only this time to myself! Stop blogging and start novelling

I was scrolling through my old posts, like you do … and came across this one from March.  Check out how many words I’d typed at that point on blog posts during 2018 – 42,000 ish.



(That’s potentially TWO 50,000 word Mills&Boon/Harlequin novels!)

When I do type a chapter and go back and start editing it (I know, I shouldn’t DO that until I’ve finished, I know, I know)  I feel all warm and cosy, much like when I hear David Attenborough’s voice….

That man is just a British Icon .. what he doesn’t know about nature is not worth knowing, right?  That’s got me thinking .. he’s 92.   He’s been no less active in his last twenty years that I can make out than at any other time in his life .. but as this didn’t start out as a blog post about him, I’m going to shut up now.   Let’s just enjoy some photos from EMPICS.






I grew up watching this presenter.   My children grew up watching this presenter.  Amazing man.

Now where was I?  Oh yes, procrastinating and realising I can write waffle for England but am not getting on with my chapters.

Now, bugger off and leave me to locate the charger for my laptop as I’ve just noticed someone’s unplugged it from the wall to put something else in.    Oh Joy!