Seconds, Please

I like the approach this blogger is taking with the pre-publication process of her second book.
I shall be part of her book blog tour later in the autumn and cannot
wait to get my reading teeth into her novel!
Newbie authors need to hold each other’s hands and although
‘Forgetting My Way Back’ is KARINA BARTOW’s second title,
so I need to catch up, but I’ve a feeling, from speaking with her,
that I’m going to enjoy her prose.

Behind the Pages

I haven’t blogged for most of the summer, but I hope my loyal readers and followers will cut me some slack.  With my book release less than two months away now, my promotional efforts have kicked into high gear, and I’m just coming up for air before the next tide comes crashing in.

Many may assume I should be used to this, having had one book published already.  Through this whole process, though, I’ve been shocked by how differently this second round has unfolded.  Despite not having any kids, I’ve always compared a book release to a baby’s birth, albeit without the stretch marks or dirty diapers to follow!  No one, of course, has to tell me how drastically the two events contrast, but I thought I’d share the similarities I’ve observed between second-time parenthood and second-time published-hood.

I’ve both heard and witnessed how much busier moms and dads are…

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