When you are in the mood for a little dark fiction, but only have time for a coffee! Meet my next Guest Author – S L Grigg.

For those of my regular followers who have read some of my past posts, you’ll know I enjoy a little dark fiction here and there.    As I toy with the notion of having dark pages within my debut novel (how many, how dark, I’m scaring myself; should I leave it out?) it is great to meet an author who had the guts to get on and publish her pieces of flash fiction and poetry.   S L Griggs did it all herself and here’s what she had to say about her journey to date …


I started writing as a child, but despite always dreaming of being and author I didn’t really do much about it (other than write) until a few years ago. I started blogging in 2009, then I had lots of work in progress and wrote lots of flash fiction pieces but still didn’t take it any further. I always felt I needed a finished book (which I didn’t have) and to seek a traditional publisher. Then in 2017 in joined a local writing group and was introduced to self-publishing as the group had already published one book. From there I completed my first longer story and in January 2018 I decided I wanted to publish a collection of my flash fiction, poetry and this longer story.

In January 2018 I setup a Facebook page as an author and started working towards self-publishing. I completed the first draft of my collection, self-edited and sought out some beta-readers to give it a onceover for me. I registered with CreateSpace, a self-publishing platform, and started playing with it to find out how it worked. Next, I decided I needed to hire a professional editor to ensure my work was publication ready. Luckily, I had been introduced to some via Facebook reading and writing groups I was a member of. I approached a few for quotes and chose one to go with. The editing process was quite straight forward, and I don’t think my work needed a huge amount of editing looking at what came back from the editor, I was happy with the result but think I would like more help with formatting in future, which is a separate thing. I realised I also wanted a nice cover, there were free to use ones on CreateSpace, but I wanted something more tailored, so again I sought out a cover designer to help with this, my sister had a friend who helped here. CreateSpace was quite straightforward to use. Once I had my finished, edited interior and cover files I just uploaded them and waited for CreateSpace to confirm they were approved. I could then publish my book, which I did. On 28th February 2018 ‘Coffee Break Companion’ was released on Amazon in paperback, with the Kindle version to follow on KDP on 5th March. The whole process was quicker than I thought it would be, but I did have a collection that had already been drafted, and edited a few times before being put together, so that probably made it quicker than if I had started from scratch.

I chose to self-publish as publishing for me was a personal achievement. I just wanted to be able to hold a copy of my own book and say, ‘I did this’. It wasn’t about fame, being a best-seller, making money or anything like that. So, the traditional publishing route wasn’t right for me. Maybe in future if I have a novel I feel is worthy I might try that but for now I’m happy with self-publishing and have some other ideas I am working on.

6 months on from publishing and I’m excited to be working on Coffee Break Companion 2, and the first book in a romance trilogy based on cruise ship holidays, and I fully intend to self-publish again when these are ready.  

S L Grigg.

I’ve been reading this on my kindle and some pieces, I know S L Grigg won’t mind me saying, are pretty dark.     They sent shivers along my skin but then the next would take me into another world, such as The Inventor (this was my favourite).    What I admire about this author is her confidence to write what she felt like writing.    If you want to take a peak, then get yourself a coffee and a snuggly fleece and find a quiet corner and download her work .. for sale for a while at 99p – see below.

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From one blue-haired author to another (oh, actually mine has faded and I need to re-do mine) .. I say this.  Keeping writing and keep smiling.   You have many stories to tell!