Trippin’ Over Boots

Thats gorgeous xx

This Beautiful Life

Everyday after work, my husband home comes and within steps of the front door has shed his boots, backpack, pants and shirt. Usually leaving them inconveniently in the walkway or in the freshly cleaned living room. I can not believe there was a time I would roll my eyes at this sight. I would release a heavy sigh as I picked up his socks, boots and work uniform and think to myself “I just cleaned up this room. Whyyyy does he have to put them here? Why can he not put them where they belong?” I just shake me head at my past self when I think back to that time. If only I knew…


Distance, deployments and time apart has forever changed my heart and perspective.  Today, my husband came home, kissed me on the forehead, then stood in the living room a took of his uniform like he…

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