Men and Loneliness

This is beautifully written, while having an undertone of sadness through the honesty.
Men have eternally fascinated me, on a much deeper level than being potentially entertaining in the bedroom, or having the criteria to be my husband (Man of the Woods is still working that one out 😂).
My fascination with the male mind is what I’ve spent a lifetime exploring and I have more male friends whom I can call genuine than female. (And I’m not referring to my female readers as they are all gorgeous and divine. I’m talking about flesh and blood ‘friends’ who turned out not to be.

I really enjoyed reading this post and am honoured that this reader follows my writing and enjoys some of it!
Keep writing 💫
Keep talking to us.
Big hugs.

Nowhere Tribune

Suicide is one of the top causes of death among middle-aged men in the United States. In the last few years, a handful of men I’ve known have taken their lives. You’ve probably known some, too.

The reasons are many, and varied, and complicated. But a lack of true friends, and a strong feeling of loneliness, is part of the problem here in the U.S.

American men form their closest friends during their school years. Once out of high school or college, we focus on our jobs, our families, and our responsibilities, often to the exclusion of everything else.

I realize that I’m one man and that I do not represent all men, but the above is true for me. If I need a friend I can cry in front of, I can only imagine going to one of my old school friends, and I’ve been out for decades. In…

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