‘You stay quiet. Or I will silence you forever’

On waking, the moaning which had kept her awake in to the early hours, had ceased.

In its place were noises of an average morning in the neighbourhood – dogs barking, mopeds sputtering up one way-streets against the arrows, a distant knocking of nails into wood on an unrestricted building site and the faint swish of traffic on the main road a few miles away.

She could smell the air was different. Seagulls cawed and screeched their agreement as they waited on surprisingly supportive upright yellow legs for fishermen to arrange their nets for the day.

Smaller birds sprinkled palm trees with a chattering which became louder when she focused on it.

Then it started. The pitiful moan, almost inaudible if you’d not heard it before.

But Lara had shuddered for hours under only a sheet in the heat while desiring the coziness of a duvet.

The distinct slap of human hand sliced the air and even the birds became momentarily silenced. A woman’s gasp cut short and Lara’s heart lurched in her chest.

She held her breath and waited. Something horrible was happening. Nearby.


Morning my lovelies!! Now, why, when I am presented with these beautiful sites on the first morning of my mini break in Spain, do I come up with a piece of flash fiction evidently going into the dark depths once again 😂. oooh, I just love subjects like that.

However, what I am really here to do is progress my manuscript. I feel prepared;

My laptop was on charge all night.

I have my critique report through which I am working.

I made notes last week for new chapters so I have bare bones to work from that the Reader who produced the critique hasn’t even seen

I want to be true to YOU and show you I can progress this thing.

Happy typing and creative writing all of you fiction writing buddies 🖌

Let’s make a pact here and now – to encourage each other between now and Monday lunchtime when I have to leave, to have increased our wordcount 🥂

Your wordcount or your life? I jest. Obviously.

My wordcount now is: 25,207

Tell me in comments what your present wordcount is and where you’d like it to go in four days?


I challenge you to a wordcount update;

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