Westminster Abbey, the sites of London city, wordcounts and a lovely daughter πŸŒΈ

As we walked around the base of what’s known as ‘The Gherkin‘, we were treated to some beautiful reflections within the panels. Architecture is pretty impressive these days around the Big Smoke.

I took this photo from the front seat, top deck, of a double decker and was just lucky to capture the striking contrast between old London, resembling something like Gringotts Bank, and new… and still growing πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ but check out how the mirrored surface of the glass materials make it less obvious against the sky. Sort of.

This was the journey on the number 11 bus between Westminster Abbey and Liverpool Street Stn.

Back in the Abbey, up inside the tower visiting the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee rooms (Β£5 per person) we climbed four or five flights of brand new stairs and had the most amazing view of the Houses of Parliament!

We ate a delicious breakfast (Β£7.95) in presumably what was the dining area for monks a long time ago when the Abbey was just that, long before Christopher Wren was commissioned to add the tower.

I won’t attempt here to go into the history as you can read the professionals’ accounts and perhaps even visit the Abbey yourself – information here. Save to say the first church building was thought to have been built on this site as early as a thousand years ago on an island called Thorney Island surrounded by tributaries of the Thames!

Always a pleasure to spend girlie time with my daughter. I know how lucky I am that she is happy to spend time with me. I certainly wasn’t doing this with my own mother when I was 20. I’d moved 100 miles away and even acquired a horse as I wasn’t that concerned about spending time back ‘home’.



oooh, I nearly forgot to update you. Remember in Spain I set myself a target to update my wordcount? Well I failed miserably there because we talked about life and jobs and stuff while swimming and eating and relaxing. I did write two thirds of a second erotic novella but I’m not counting those words!

Since I’ve been back though, I’ve been partaking in instagram writing sprints, joining in ‘live’ with other writers and I think I’ve written around 5,000 in a week πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ₯‚

I set myself up and once the men have gone back out to work after lunch, I settle down and ignore the phone and I’m actually getting some words down. Long may it continue.

Thank you to those who did share their wordcount goals and I know Joseph Beech was hoping to blog every fortnight… let’s pop across and see what’s he’s been up to πŸ₯‚

keep up the good work everyone and enjoy the sun while we still have it 🌀