Carrero World

I read Book 1 back in March, I’m about to start Book 2.

This series now has eight – yes, EIGHT! books and LTMarshall treats her readers to extras and snippets of different POVs all the time.

She works tirelessly on her social media all day every day, somehow managing to juggle the needs of a family in the background. She is Superwoman!

She self-publishes but is on the cusp of being taken up by the big guys.

Some called her early books Fifty Shades without the bondage. While there may have been similarities in the early storyline (a PA in New York and a gorgeous rich powerful Boss) there were in fact many more facets to her vision for her characters’ journeys.

It’s taken me til now til pick up the reins purely because there are too many good books out there!

I was in love with Jake Carrero, but I think in Book 2 I’m about to meet his brother…