Cup of tea anyone? A good way to stay positive ☺️

I’ve been given a challenge – to post a photo daily on my instagram page, linked to Author Jennifer Gilmour – link below.

I did not realise October is domestic awareness month, but Jennifer has brought it her friends’ attention by creating the following positivity challenge;


Jennifer Gilmour who is an author and advocate for women in abusive relationships,  has decided to do something different to bring awareness this month. 

Here is what she had to say: 

Not only is it the publication day of Isolation Junction (second edition) on the 22nd but I am doing this Instagram Challenge. I am sure you have noticed it says positive challenge and this is because I felt personally I needed to bring some positivity to the month. It can be quite overwhelming when each year bringing awareness brings back memories I would rather lock away and I felt that if I feel this I am sure that others feel this way as well. I have to remember that my life now is that of a happy one and that I have managed to build a positive life after the abusive relationship I experienced. So I thought we could have a month to recognise the positives and still bring awareness to domestic abuse


So for a month, I shall be taking part in Jennifer’s challenge.

It’s not just women who suffer… many men can be helped to come to terms with past manipulations from dominating characters in their lives if only they can find the strength to talk about it.

This photo I decided to share with you guys here in blogosphere as I know you all love a cuppa xxx