Deleting those lines or chapters during editing can feel like losing a limb!#writingtips #amwriting

Truman Capote apparently said:

“I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil”

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We hear this a lot don’t we, from editors and publised authors who have been there and worn the proverbial T-shirt.

They’ve had to lose chunks, chapters and sometime even whole sections of their carefully thought out prose.

But chances are, the overall effect of losing the waffle, the unnecessary description, the side-character’s shoe colour, will improve the reading experience.

And that, right there, is what I hope to give my readers when one day this novel is completed – and edited professionally 👌🏼

I now have 30,000 words and wanted to drop by to share this news with you as I’ve juggled all summer between 22 and 28 thousand words and never seemed to be able to get any more down!

I’ve set myself a goal and a reward at achievement, which is I can only start reading another novel once I’ve typed 10,000 NEW words. 😱 (I know, eeek! But it’s working. I set the goal yesterday and I’ve typed over 2,000 already 👏🏼)

I hope you’re all getting done the things you wanted to get down today xx