1950s Italy features in my book …. 🇮🇹… but I need your HELP!

I am debating about setting the timing of the main body of the book in either;

A) 1999-2000 with a big finale at the turn of the millennium where my main characters will be late thirties/early forties, or

B) Circa. 2014-2015 with main characters early fifties.

Happy to develop either line but I’m going to have to ditch all the talk of mobile phones and developed technology if I go with A) 🙈😂


Are so complicated but so essential to get right, or my relatives’ relationships with each other simply won’t make sense!

Any opinions from you guys about what age you prefer your characters to be?

Or is it less about age and more about them as people, their overcoming difficulties, their emotions being believable, maybe their attractions happening later in life is more modern anyway?

While I wait for your answers, I’m going to have a cuppa and a biscuit and admire my £1.50 vase and the £3 worth of dahlias I bought from a table at the end of a driveway in the next village!

Total cost £4.50 and value of the pleasure it’s giving me? Priceless 🌸