Eternal Seas by Lexi Rees #book review @LexiRees. @troubador. The honesty of a ten year old reviewer!


Such a small parcel shouldn’t cause experienced smugglers much trouble. But this parcel is far from normal. 

Chased across the seas, Finn and Aria must solve the mysteries within the parcel. 

What does it mean? Who should they trust? What will happen? 

The fate of an ancient people depends on them and time is running out … 

Praise for Eternal Seas:

`’A thrilling and magical adventure with plenty of hair-raising chases and a villain readers will love to hate. ETERNAL SEAS is a must-read for young fantasy fans.’ – Madeline Dyer, author of the Untamed series 


I’ve just had the delight of conduction a face to face interview with my ten year old niece following her completion of Eternal Seas by Lexi Rees.  (Eight year old sister is a third of the way through … and only started it this morning!)

Before I’d even taken the lid from my pen, she was bouncing on the swivel desk chair I’d set up for her in my ‘office’ on the landing amongst the strewn toys and upturned boxes where the two girls had been pretending their den was in a ‘far away place’.

Me: “So, before we start with details, if you had to mark your enjoyment experience whilst reading this book out of five, what mark would you give it?”

Niece: “Five..” (*bounce*) “…definitely a five!” (*more bouncing*)

Me: “Oh wow!  So if there was a sequel – another in the series – you’d want to read it?”

Niece: “Oh, yeah!” (*grins*) “Will there be one?”

Me: “Cool, do you know, I believe there is!  What character did you like the best?”

Niece: “Aria….. that’s A. R. I. A.” (*leans over to check I’ve got it down correctly*)

Me: “Thank you … and why did you like her best?”

Niece: “Because she was really courageous, and I really liked her personality.”

(Now I’ve not read this yet, and none of these words are mine.   There was no prompting from me, I assure you.    This is an avid reader – she read the whole Harry Potter series in about four months)

Me: “Gosh, this sounds a really good book!   What did she have to do which made you think she was being courageous?”

Niece: “I can’t tell you Aunty, you’ll have to read it!”   

Watch out book bloggers of the future!!! 

Me: “Of course. You’re right …. so, I’ll just conclude here then that you thought she was courageous, anything else?”

Niece: “No, I just really liked her.   She was … was … inspiring, yes.”

Me: “I need to meet this Aria!”  now, I’m bouncing and grinning.  “So, each time you stopped reading, what was it about the story which made you want to get back to it?  Can you name something?”

Niece: “There was a surprise on every page almost, I did not want to put the book down at bedtime but mummy said I had to.”

Me: “Oh fiddle, mummies and daddies do that sometimes don’t they?  Ok, so did you enjoy the style it was written in?”

Niece: “Oh, it was really good because it was like I was really there, in the sea.   I love the sea and I swim a lot in it.”

Me: “Brilliant!  So, if I told you that Lexi might be writing a second book, how does that make you feel?”

Niece: “Really excited!  When will be ready?”

Me: “I’ll find out for you.   Thank you Miss, for your review of this book and your time today!”

Niece: “Oh you’re welcome!   Can I show you my headstands now?”


Lexi was also a guest recently on Jess Bookish Life and you’ll see a fabulous post here about the Book Eternal Seas and how it came about 🥂