A penny for your thoughts – or a banana for your nightmare?

Hey guys, I’ve missed you!

I just woke up from a nightmare – seriously – in which I found myself on an Airbus A380 (that’s not the nightmare bit as sitting on one of those is a dream come true!) in the place of my son. It should have been him flying to Singapore, en route to New Zealand yet somehow I was taxi-ing away from the airport.

Luckily they listened to reason and let me off at the end of the runway. What a relief!

But that wasn’t what woke me – it was the panic that I’d missed saying goodbye to my son somehow. That ripping out your stomach lining panic that a moment has passed which you’ll never get back. It’s too late. That’s what meant I chose to get out of bed, come down and make tea and read my kindle.

But first I thought I’d see what y’all doin??