Friday Fictioners .. ðŸ¥‚

Photo credit – Jilly Funnell


‘Keep your eyes peeled for the big cat when you’re there.’

‘The zoo was last week! We are going to the shops today.’ I tucked the blanket down beside her now tiny thighs, and wheeled her back up the ramp towards her room.

Granny getting the wrong end of the stick again; her mediation must need updating. She smelt of talcum powder and lily of the valley. Her watery skin barely covered enlarged blue veins taking weak blood back to tired lungs.

‘Oh but the tiger is always there – you simply have to know where to look.’

‘Ok, I’ll look!’


Friday Fictioners .. set up by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields so we can dip in and out of creating 100 word fiction pieces; always a great exercise in using only the words we really need 👌🏼