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A few days ago, I was delighted to find I’d been tagged by a blogger whose posts I admire and have enjoyed for some months (when I take my head out from a pile of dirty horse rugs and sit down in front of WordPress which sadly is not often enough).

K M Allen posts about all sorts of interesting literary subjects, from great writing advice, tips and updates on her own journey to complete her present manuscript.   I’ve always felt KM has the sort of site which I’d like to aim for.  It is profressional, yet relaxing to work your way around, never short on quality content and inspiring in its message.  So I want to thank her firstly for even thinking of me! (In fact, the day she followed my measly effort at a site, I fell from my chair and scrabbled to get back on to pat down my wayward hair and pretend I, too, could write sensible pieces.  That was before I remembered I’d bought a swivel chair from eBay with only 357 degrees of turn and the result was not ladylike.)

Lorraine Ambers and Ari Meghlen are the writers responsible for creating this amazing rabbit warren of writerly peeps and the pretty green logo, so I must thank them also.

I’m going to nominate the following six bloggers who might like to share their bare bones with us – and I apologise to each of them if A) they’ve already been nominated, B) don’t like being nominated or C) are too busy to respond (I’ll forgive you).

Even if they do not have time to partake, I’d recommend you pop over and check their sites out in any event as a few minutes spent at any of these pages will entertain or enrich your day. xx

ReadAfterBurnout  Mike pens hilarious posts about his past adventures, some great fiction he is re-writing for our enjoyment and some deep and moving personal insights into life.

HighwayBloggery  David has the most amazing mix of art and poetry … a colourful splash always guaranteed

KaKenzie  Kate Kenzie and I have been conversing for some months, encouraging each other to progress our manuscripts.  There is nothing more positive than like-minded people sharing your world.

ThisIsMyTruthNow  A multi-published author who still has time to follow and encourage the unpublished.   I salute you and if you’ve time to take part, I can’t wait to hear your answers (*runs away and hides*)

KaylaAnn  Who has recently completed a novel called ‘The Agency Games’ .. woo hoo … I’d like to hear more, wouldn’t you?

ALittleBookProblem  My talented writing buddy Julie over at A Little Book Problem has an amazing blog which is presently undergoing a transformation from Brilliant and frequent Book Reviews to even more fun with guest blog posts and more in-depth and personal posts from Julie herself.   And we all love a real person don’t we.

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NOW FOR THE QUESTIONS (have you got tea and biscuits; this could take some time)

Name one novel that inspired you to write.

I can’t.  I must.  Um ….   The Black Stallion series taught me the delight of yearning for the next book in a saga.  Becoming engrossed in a story which took the characters on journeys and at that time, horses at the centre of the plot was my idea of heaven.  I often kept diaries around this age, which included imaginary horses (we found some once and the tone of my writing is soon that of my mother!!!

What’s your favourite genre to read and write?

Really tough as I’m torn 50/50 between the heartbreaking love stories and psychological thrillers, such as:


THE SONGS OF US by Emma Cooper


THE TIME TRAVELLERS WIFE by Audrey Niffenegger

My manuscript is ultimately a love story, but has elements of darkness woven through the pages.   I discovered this summer after speaking to other authors that it falls into the Romantic Suspense category.  For now ….

(oooh, can I just add here, at the risk of losing all my followers, that I enjoy reading and writing erotica?  No?  Is that not a good idea?  Oh ok, I’ll delete this bit then.)

Do you prefer to write stand alone or series.

Well, shall we just say stand alone at this point as I’ve had nothing published yet?!  (This is why I was so shocked to receive this Tag … I’d assumed it was only for published authors.)

Use 3 words to describe yourself.

Loyal.  Ambitious.  Procrastinator.  (the last two, when mixed together in a bowl result in much agitation.)

Reveal your WIP image that represents your MC or setting.


Am I allowed two?  Good :))

How long did your first MS take to draft?

Shall we just skip past this one?   (*cough*  sssshhh … still typing it, but I’m up to 32,000 words).

Who is your author idol?

JK Rowling simply has to be here because she wrote that first story in a tiny flat while struggling with some harsh realities, and against all the odds having experienced hundreds of rejection letters, went on to see ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ published.  And then BOOOOOM!  (Now if you notice, I’ve chosen someone in answer to this question, not because her stories are my favourite, but because her guts and determination are what I admire.)

Sharing a writing memory that made you determined to carry on.

While K M Allen’s answer had me in tears, I can share only something a lot shallower with you.    I wrote for seven days on FB last autumn, some brief lines of prose to accompany the Black & White photo challenge that did the rounds.   A handful of friends loved it and encouraged me to “start a blog!” and “write a book!”.   I wanted to get back into both reading and writing, so I started the blog.  And the book.

Tell us something surprising or unique about yourself. 

Really?  How do I answer this one?  Shall I make something up, like I’ve got six toes on each foot?  (No that would be silly).   I’m 49, lived in fifteen homes but my present one for the last twenty four years.   (RAF brat they call that.)

Share the hardest part about being a writer and you overcame(come) it.

For me, it has to be finding or making the time.    I’ve talked a lot about this over the last eight or nine months.   I’ve blogged well over (*goes to check on the stats*)  … OMG, REALLY?  Are you having a laugh??

Procrastinating then.   That’s my biggest problem.   BUT … but…. with all of you by my side reminding me that I’m not alone with all the worries and niggles my manuscript brings, it won’t halt me indefinitely.   I mean, last month I had only 24,000 words so it’s coming.   (How’s that tea doing by the way?)

Whats your favourite social media and why (share the link).

Apart from blogging, I do enjoy an Instagram account which I only set up a few months ago.  Viola_Bleu   I love photographs, but am not that good at taking them!

Uplifting wisdom in 6 words or less.


Thank you for staying till the bitter end.  xxx