Indian summers and soda in the sky. Travels extraordinare

This Indian summer, as some expert decided to call them at one time, is about to come to an end. I know, sad isn’t it? Dig out your beanie, your gloves and even your snow boots if you’re north of England or higher, from Friday!

At the weekend Man of the Woods, our son and I drove to where are daughter was staying with her BF. We had a delicious lunch in the cutest of cute English pubs which I failed to photograph (you just can’t get the bloggers these days πŸ™ˆ).

However, opposite the pub was this old mill (check the roof), in which there is a multi-level antiques centre πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ with all sorts of goodies to explore.

This Tiffany lamp, for one. How I wish I’d bought that for my writing desk (you don’t have a writing desk) or what I hope will become my writing desk when the detris of six months of not-being-tidy is tidied.

How’s about this for a fairly sexist print from Imperial War Museum πŸ˜‚ although as I stared at it, I decided she was a spy posing as a good time girl, fleecing those interested men out of more than the energy required to entertain her (how on earth is your mind wired?) πŸ€ͺ.

On the very top of the mill, the apex space has been converted into a cafe and the views are incredible!

We only had space for an ice cream soda following the lunch but we simply had to experience sitting up there!

Our son, working out which way London was from his google maps. Only a few more days before he travels to Queenstown in New Zealand for five months 😱. I know!!!!

I’m preparing myself, worrying about whether we’ve got all the small stuff he’ll need for his hand luggage and what footwear he should pack and which pair to wear, as when you have size 13 feet, packing a pair of farm work boots is simply ridiculous. They’d need a case to themselves.

I stole an hour from my working day today on the beanbag in the living room, reading my kindle and enjoying the sun through the glass like a cat might. I’ve been so tired and the last two mornings, I’ve woken from disturbing dreams about his trip. MoW thinks it’s because I’m anxious about him going, yet I’m really excited for him and proud of him. I admit his absence from the house will result in a gaping hole and five months might stretch away from me appearing to be five years, but we all know how quickly time passes.

Look what happened yesterday.. a huge spike in visitors to my blog. Three posts including that fun Writers Tag one! Just goes to prove we need to be engaging with others to keep up the momentum πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ