It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all 💔

We mentioned yesterday,
Re-blogging past posts.

I look through today,
and am drawn to the poems.

In April I had started
to study emotions in writing.

This was an experiment. xx


Staring into the traffic, I see nothing nor hear anything.

Yet the swish of tyres on rain-soaked tarmac,

And lights red and white passing outside the cafe

Unregistered sight and sound knock at my conscience.


Our final text chat; I tried so hard to stay strong,

Not weaken, nor fail in my assurance I was fine.

‘Good. I’m glad’. you said.

‘I’m fine, I promise.’ I’d lied.


Now the wretched anguish tears at my insides,

Forcing air out in gasps, I cannot breath.

I will die without you, my strength is leaving,

The pain drags my belly down, the loss is draining.


I hunch forward, arms wrapped around me,

Knowing never again will I feel your squeeze.

You flew last week, to your old life; without me.

You warned me it would happen one day.


The night time is worse; darkness stealing any hope.

I stare…

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