National Novel Writing Month 2018

I’m reflecting on this time last year. I’d just joined an online writers group and they were all chatting away about something I thought was one of their Nana’s poetry classes, true story πŸ˜‚

I tentatively made some enquiries and it turned out that the National Novel Writing Month (of November) was started in the US by some buddies who wanted to encourage those thinking about writing a novel to simply sit down and thrash out a first draft. No editing, no worrying about the plot, just get it down. In 50,000 words. In one month. Simples.

While there are sceptics who suggest you might be better to type slower and more methodically, reducing the need to eliminate rushed writing from your manuscript at a later date, many do still join the thousands each year because they know that writing communities help each other. This is like one mother fudge writing retreat in which we can all, and will be, posting wordcounts and encouraging each other through the tough days. 1,666 words a day sounds do-able, until you get left behind because life happened to get in the way.

Last year, around this time, I looked in awe at the writers who had planned and plotted and knew what scenes they would write on which days whereas I simply dived in at the deep end and started spewing words out.

The result became the basis for my present WIP, of which I am proud, and this year I wish to progress the wordcount during the weeks of NaNo (unofficially as you have to be working on a brand new project to register with the site).

There are many guides to help approach what we all admit is quite an extreme form of creative writing, and I have a copy of this book on my kindle by Megg Geri.

Megg’s site is really worth a visit if you’ve not been over yet. Full of fun tips and a book club and all sorts of editing and writerly offerings 🌸

This time around I know what NaNo means and what it stands for. Yet have I done any planning? A little…. and even some of those post-its have fluttered to the floor and mingled in with the to-be-but-never-will-be ironing pile πŸ™„

I’m going to have to be much more self-disciplined about blogging and insta and FB if I’m to give time to this. I did read some more of Megg’s tips in the bath last night, so I’m on the right lines!

I’ve warned Man of the Woods that I shall need to be left in peace for periods of the day. He pointed out he walks the little dog twice a day even now for at least an hour and what was I spending that time doing if not writing? He has a point… I am so disorganised.

My basic efforts daily will include:-

  • Bottle of water to keep hydrated.
  • Mobile phone out of the room until the end of any writing session.
  • Limit blogging to once a week (😱 just need to sit down a minute).
  • Make sure my playlists are ready for ambience.


Who else is preparing, mentally and any other way?