Get to know your characters if they are to sound convincing on the page.

I should have done this a very long time ago 🙈

As the weeks continue to soldier on past, I cannot escape the repeated advice about the importance of making lists about, doing research on, creating mood boards for .. your main characters.

Although I may ultimately share with my readers only 25% of that information (because they don’t need to know Antonio’s inside leg measurement) the descriptions I do weave into my scenes will come from a place of assured knowledge rather than a vague guess and hope it works.

I’ve been reading this guide over the last twenty four hours and it has to be up there with Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ when it comes to a How To book which is so well-written, it’s a page-turner all of its own!

I’ve laughed out loud at the humour used to make incredibly valid points and cringed inside when I’ve seen examples of what not to type (*quietly goes off to alter things on the WIP and hey presto – no-one will be any the wiser*). I’ve so got this 💃🏼