Let’s go and collect some sloes from around the farm, make some alcohol and watch the sunset. Merry Christmas (as he won’t be with us )

Daughter mixed the ingredients. We do the simple thirds rule;

  • A third gin, a third sugar and third sloes.
  • Turn or tip the bottle/container daily until sugar is dissolved.
  • Try not to consume for at least three months, preferably a year or more 👌🏼 (you can enjoy what you made last year, yes?).

  • Pull some festive crackers, put screens down for an hour and play a game because your son will be the other side of the world on Christmas Day!

Man of the Woods went to the local garage to buy some bread and milk and came back with ‘snacks’.

This is severely dangerous and I could easily sit here and chomp through most of these Cadbury’s bite sized naughties 🙈

For a sensible look at how to make sloe gin, check out this great blog by MayFly.

NaNoWriMo means a clear head for November methinks 😇 so a quick slurp now