Wordcounts and Martini 🍸 (#NaNoWriMo)

OMG, please check this out,

Started to log my daily wordcount!

NaNoWriMo is now a household name,

Even Man of the Woods uses the same –

– without laughing.


The first draft had ceased before,

At nearly a thousand times twenty four.

The chats in October did start,

Reminding me of 2017 when my heart –

– told me to write!


This time I know what I’m doing,

Whereas last year I was merely canoeing.

Without a paddle or a plan,

Or research; what a sham –

but we are all new once


I now type at a dedicated desk.

Using a bedroom, the house has one less.

My buddha and candles patiently wait,

For my windows of time; don’t be late –

Anytime is good it seems


3rd Nov and the word-count is growing,

Manuscript now 38,000 and I’m knowing.

Which scenes need more padding,

And which never had their cladding –

I’m adding, I hope, depth.


So a daily word goal of 1,666,

Is achievable through a quality mix.

November 1st produced 1,504. on 2nd came 1,195

Today another 2,766 and I’m feeling alive –

don’t compare me to you (if you’re producing more!)


I am excited for tomorrow the 4th,

It would be fun to see some more 4s.

To get that total to exceed 40,000, wow!

I’ll never have seen that before; I wonder how –

I will celebrate?


Another trip to Tescos probably. These glasses were for sale. I didn’t buy any but they reminded me Bond 🖤

How are you NaNo guys doing?