Marmite pinwheels and succulent lips ðŸŒ¸

Hello my friends! How does this wet-under-foot Saturday find you in your various forms of homestead?

These mature cheddar and marmite pinwheels (thrown together with ready-made pastry) I watched being created by a client last week. I had delivered some clean horse rugs and sat sipping a welcomed cup of tea while she described the guests due for her dinner party that evening.

It all starts with a Japanese piece of art.

🤣 Seriously, it’s easy. You spread marmite across rolled out pasty, smother with grated cheese ….

.. roll into a log and slice.

I don’t recommend using the tart tin. I’d simply run out of baking trays playing host to the first 48! They’ve stuck in the tart tin and I can’t serve them out on the farm walk today (but I can sit here and eat them while we chat).

Funny. I hated marmite for years. I quite like the salty kick now.

Anyway, no NaNoWriMo words these last couple days but family stuff has taken priority. Thinking about it every chance I get. Mmmmm .. just grabbing another. They’re a little addictive if you do like marmite!

Look what arrived from a company in Ireland today .. the cutest lip balm 🌺 Check this company out! Literary Lip Balms

I did have a bit of a breakthrough yesterday with a plot hole which has threatened to swallow up my (perceived to be .. by yours truly) finest scenes because the dates never worked.

I had a huge time-line issue. I needed my Male lead to be born on a certain date, and I’d decided I’d set the main part of the book in 1999, with a final chapter with midnight on December 31st. In Edinburgh 😱🥂 (I can’t wait for you to see that!!!)

Finally sorted a few things out in my mind driving around yesterday and I think tomorrow I can crack on with more typing 💫

Have a good weekend!