A Truly Madly Ordinary Kitchen Knives’ Tale

Oh, how delightful to be sipping my
first cup of tea and to be giggling,
then laughing out loud at this wonderful
post by my friend over in Ireland.
Ortensia describes the Travelling Husband
so well in all her posts, we get a great
visual of the goings-on between
the onion chopping board and the
trips to the garden centre.

Truly Madly Ordinary

Today I eventually woke up for the first time with no headache. It looks like my migraine is gone,just in time for the party we have tonight. It is a fancy dress party and I am now regretting not to attend it dressed as a zombie. After I have spent the last three days in a semi-comatose state, locked inside my house in the dark, I could in fact just show up with my bare naturally greenish face and be as scary as hell.

Even if the headache is gone, a few days on heavy painkiller left me a bit numb.Breaking all my records I managed to injure three of my fingers at once. I went to the garden to get some flowers and a humungous rose’ thorn got stack into my right index. Once inside and on my way to remove it I stopped by the bin and pressing…

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