The Try That Never Was

This reminds me so so much of my son’s former years as a rugby player. He played from U7s through to Colts … before javelin took over. The gentlemanly attitudes he learnt on the pitch, which in no way appear to link to the physical needs of the game, set him up for his time in athletics and his life in general.
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Adam was involved in a very tightly contested rugby match yesterday against a much bigger Belfast school. Privately, I wasn’t expecting the boys to win but they played out of their skins, and almost did. The final score was 17-14 but the score doesn’t fully reflect the courage, skill and work ethic the team put into the contest, which was played in wet, bitterly cold conditions.

The score also doesn’t reflect an incident in the first half when Lurgan almost scored a try which would have won the match for them. A kick through was chased to the line by a Lurgan player and member of the opposing side. As the ball crossed the line, both boys dived on it. From where I was standing, it was impossible to tell who had touched the ball first.

The referee was equally unsighted and asked the boys who had grounded the ball…

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