Unrequited love πŸ’”

When you walk into a room, the world stops and yearns to be part of the presence which you bring unknowingly with you.

I know that girl is no good for you, who you go back to again and again hoping she will one day feel the same as you.

She has not noticed the details about you as I have, because she puts herself first always. And you second.

But you refuse to see that. She is yet to be conquered and you’ve never been turned away and the challenge has crawled under your skin and now commands your every waking hour.

I bide my time and nod as I pass you, your eternal friend who is there in the background. I see her at the bar all eyelashes and cleavage, holding court.

You are on the sidelines, hoping she will tire of the iron filings drawn to her magnetism. She does see you and flutters, the men close ranks against the God they see before them.

She is flattered and pearls of heat shine from her naked collarbones. I watch you notice them, your wishes to be touching them. I see it in your eyes yet I feel it in me, for you.

I must take myself away now, no longer will I wait and hope. I must not fade along with the dream because that is all you really are, my love.