When life is but a whisper away from death

It’s about a year ago that Man of the Woods and I became very lucky parents. Our daughter – then 19 – crashed her car and turned it over. We didn’t lose her. In fact she was the luckiest girl as she only lost a few of her long hairs when the shattered windscreen nipped the ends and pulled some from her scalp, presumably when the car landed. You can read about it here. At the time I asked her permission to put it on social media to illustrate the brilliance of seatbelts to other young drivers.

I’ve just driven home from a friend’s and although there was no frost, I thought about her and once again realised how lucky we were to have her here this Christmas and for me to be able to take this photo. Someone must have been looking after her.

I was inspired to write a quick poem before bed … goodnight folks


When life is but a breath away from being not so,

As delicate as a whisper beside your ear.

Take it not for granted, pause, watch and see,

Hear, feel and taste life while it is still here.


Worry less about the things you cannot change,

Don’t yearn for the past because it is done.

Avoid waiting for a future full of uncertain promises.

Grab the lapels of today, breath in and feel it on your tongue.